G Sarkar View All

G Sarkar is a prime time chit chat show hosted by Nauman Ijaz where he invites different celebrities in each episode. G Sarkar is one of the Pakistan's most entertaining program.

Meri Eidi View All

An Eid Show in which famous married influencer couple , Dr Madiha and Ahsan will go to famous social media star home to celebrate Eid occasion with them.

Khabardaar View All

Khabardaar, an Urdu and Punjabi comedy features one of Pakistan's top journalist Aftab Iqbal The host comments on various topics in a light and comical manner. Other Cast includes Honey Albela, Agha Majid and Nasir Chinioti

NAB View All

NAB-A political satire discussing the political isssues in hilarious manners. The host talks to the dummy politician characters and asks them funny questions. 

Zaban Daraz View All

Zaban Daraz is a talk show filled with deep humour and political satire.

Seeti 41 View All

Seeti 41 is a comedy road show with the famous anchor personality Dubbing Master Sajjad Jani. The show is full of entertainment. 

Khabaryar View All

Khabaryar doesn’t only make you laugh but also give you information about many different topics that are helping in our normal routine

Syasi Theatre View All

Siyasi Theatre is political comedy show hosted by famous poet Syed Wasi Shah. With couple of invited guests from politics, literature, showbiz, media, journalism and sports make this show more exciting.

Khabarzar View All

Khabarzar is an Urdu and Punjabi comedy television show hosted by well known journalist Aftab Iqbal.

Joke Dar Joke View All

Joke Dar Joke is a political and social satire that presents the issues in comical and lighthearted way

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