Lollypop View All

This sitcom is based on a brother and sister who own a house. The unmarried older sister is searching for a younger husband. In pursuit of this potential husband, the siblings rent their house to any young couple in the hope for the sister to find the man of her choice.

Bhai Bhai View All

This family comedy drama revolves around two brothers and their families. Both of them lives in the same house which has left by their father in his will. This property dispute will left your eyes teared with laughter.

Choki no 420 View All

Choki no 420 is a Funny Pakistani Drama.

Teen Talwar View All

Teen talwar is a story of two friends, Barkat as Salman and Uzmi as Ghalib, who are living in the same apartment and accompanied by a paying guest, Sabahat Sarhandi as Nimmi.

Sandy Mandy View All

Sandy Mandy is based on comedy and the main cast in this drama serial is Sobiya Shahbaz and Maham Kamal.