Social Bakra View All

Watch Eid-Special Social Bakra on Ghonj Comedy

Akkar Bakkar View All

Embark on a joyous journey filled with laughter and heartwarming moments as our delightful comedy-drama unfolds. With each scene, a tapestry of humor and genuine emotions paints a canvas of feel-good entertainment.

Wadera in Love View All

Shahnawaz is disqualified from contesting elections, to qualify he needs to prove his merit so he takes an internship.

Jeem Chay View All

Meet two friends who are completely opposite Dumb & Dumbest.

Nok Jhonk View All

Bia & Ibbad have an extremely simple yet complicated relationship; with extremely high highs & very low lows.

Hum Sab Ajeeb Se Hain View All

A family comes across several humorous situations in their day-to-day lives.

Superheroes View All

Stories of four different women named Laila, Zeenat, Amber and Natasha who navigates life in modern Pakistan. They try to balance their duty and dreams.

Just Married View All

Zain and Aiza tackle their moms as they avoid THAT ONE QUESTION newly married couples are most afraid of

Rajjo & Saleem View All

In times of social distancing, Rajjo and saleem try to make things work over video call.

Susar vs Damad View All

A comedy series between Father-in-law & Son-in-law filled with deep humor.

3 khawateen View All

A sitcom about Totli, Goongi and Badsoorat, three main characters who have minor disabilities. Their late father has gifted them properties and assets which attracts many suitors. However, they reject the girls due to the disability. The father is shown as ‘alive’ in his photograph and the daughters humorously interact with him through his picture to resolve their issues.

Biwi Se Biwi Tak View All

Roomi, a guy with a polygamy marriage; torn between two different mind sets. Zoya and Channo, both wives are unaware of each others.

Lollypop View All

This sitcom is based on a brother and sister who own a house. The unmarried older sister is searching for a younger husband. In pursuit of this potential husband, the siblings rent their house to any young couple in the hope for the sister to find the man of her choice.

Bhai Bhai View All

This family comedy drama revolves around two brothers and their families. Both of them lives in the same house which has left by their father in his will. This property dispute will left your eyes teared with laughter.

Choki no 420 View All

Choki no 420 is a Funny Pakistani Drama.

Teen Talwar View All

Teen talwar is a story of two friends, Barkat as Salman and Uzmi as Ghalib, who are living in the same apartment and accompanied by a paying guest, Sabahat Sarhandi as Nimmi.

Sandy Mandy View All

Sandy Mandy is based on comedy and the main cast in this drama serial is Sobiya Shahbaz and Maham Kamal. 

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